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About Oudshoorn-hydraulics

Everything you need in the field of hydraulic components and systems can be found under one roof at Oudshoorn hydraulics. Our team of specialists are experienced and knowledgeable and focus themselves on the sale of hydraulic components and systems. Since our foundation in 1973, we have grown into a well-known total supplier for manufacturers, industry, agriculture, service and repair companies.

Pand Findynamica

Oudshoorn hydraulics distinguishes itself with the following points:

  • Total package of quality products.
  • Exclusive distributorship of many top brands.
  • Own production of cylinders, aggregates and systems.
  • Hose assemblies, tailored to your production.
  • Fast service and fast worldwide delivery.
  • Excellent accessibility via web, mail and, if necessary, in person.

Worldwide fast delivery!

Oudshoorn hydraulics ships daily orders with the following carriers who ensure fast worldwide deliveries;

  • GLS
  • TNT/Fedex
  • Night freight (Note: only possible if you have a contract with Hellmann Night Star Express)

Oudshoorn hydraulics offers more!

In addition to our extensive range, we also offer you specific services and solutions. For example we can develop and realize a hydraulic aggregate or system for you. Oudshoorn also has its own production of hydraulic cylinders, aggregates and hose assemblies.

Lower your inventory costs!

How much money is in your stash? It often happens that companies have invested a lot of money in inventory. Oudshoorn hydraulics offers a solution for this. Thanks to our complete and large stocks, we are able to deliver quickly without long delivery times. This allows you to significantly lower your inventory level and spend the money in a different way!