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Cylinder production

We are specialists in supplying all common types of hydraulic cylinders. We supply, for example, double-acting, single-acting and telescopic cylinders. We apply modern and high-quality techniques to be able to supply our cylinders efficiently and flexibly. If desired, we are able to supply cylinders with a coating in any desired RAL color. We also have extensive options for packing cylinders and delivering them quickly.

Cylinders with many different options such as:

  • Position signaling
  • Stainless steel cylinder for specific market segments
  • Attenuation
  • Integration of hydraulic (holding) valves
  • Many different mounting options possible
  • Wide range of material types in stock
  • Finishing by spraying, coating, glass beading and polishing
  • Hydrauliek cilinders - Duplo
  • Gekoppelde cilinders
  • Dubbelwerkende cilinders
  • RVS cilinders
  • Dakluikcilinders